Monday, July 3, 2017

Musing on emotional literacy and self care

In Acceptance Commitment Therapy, we talk about receiving information through two ways. In the here and now through our five senses.

The other way of getting information is inside our head. The memory of the past and projecting this into the future.  Through our brain's ability to "fuse" with the stories and thoughts" inside our head, we can react to these as if it is in the "here and now".

Both are important of course, but if we spend too much time in our head, it can be overwhelming and tiring.  There may be information overload, too much memories of past losses and worries of the future.

Hence, it is important to get outside of our head.  Some might call this "mindful practices" to get our focus out to the "here and now" through our five senses.

Some people do this through comfort eating, coffee, coke, alcohol, drugs etc.  It gets ourselves out of our head. One can say that mindful eating is a meditative practice although watch out if you doing it too much!  When we get ourselves out of our monkey brain, it's relaxing!

Other "comforting activities" are bush walking, sight seeing, TV, massage, craft, music, painting, exercise, camping in nature. Having a hot shower. Floating in the pool etc.  But camping and "still living in your head" may not be so relaxing!

The point is, we must do some healthy mindful practices to balance out our "inner sensing, thinking and feeling" to find that balance.

I interpret these as "mindful practices".... Just have to choose the healthier ones!

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