Saturday, June 24, 2017

Emotional literacy and emotional processing

Emotional literacy and emotional processing: 

Do you know the difference between avoidance, putting up with it and acceptance?
Do you know the difference between being assertive vs aggressive?

Emotional literacy is important for emotional processing.  Poor emotional processing, "blocking it out" or suppressing your emotions can lead to a lot of frustration

So how does one process one's emotion?  This is my take on it.....

1 Name the emotion
2 Step back and "detach" or "defuse" from the emotion and ask "Why do I have this emotion?"
"What is it trying to tell me?"  
"What external factors are there that made me feel this way and can I change that?"  and if not....
"What values and beliefs do I have that made me react this way and can I change that?"
3 Then try the "tame" the emotion with fact checking and reasoning (more of a CBT strategy) or "defuse from it" and focus on actions that are congruent with one's values (more of an ACT strategy).

Not easy of course but this certainly can be learnt and cultivated in everyday life.

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