Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Where did my libido go?" Practical advice for women with low desire- Book written by our Guest Doctor and Sex Therapist Dr Rosie King NSW Australia

Low libido is the most common sexual problem reported by women. In fact, every woman will experience periods of low desire - particularly after the birth of a baby, when she's tired or stressed or when her relationship is rocky. But when he wants sex and she's no longer in the mood, significant problems can occur in the relationship.

Have you lost interest in sex? Is your relationship under strain because your partner wants more sex than you do? Do you wish to increase your sexual desire, have sex more often and enjoy it more when you do?

This book will help you to
- understand how your sexual desire works
- maximise your libido
- increase your sexual enjoyment
- enjoy a regular, satisfying sex life with your partner

Dr Rosie King MBBS FAChSHM
Sex Therapist and Author