Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dental disease more prevalent for those with severe mental illness

I was reading an article in Medical Observer today titled, "Dental disease an added burden for those with mental illness".

This is certainly consistent with what I see in my clinical practice particularly for those with schizophrenia and bipolar who are taking psychotropic medication that causes severe dry mouth.  Dry mouth is one of the risk factors for dental caries.

Hence, if you are taking psychotropic medications that causes dry mouth, please talk to your local Chemist about saliva substitutes and your Dentist about a regular preventative dental check up.

In Australia, under the Enhance Primary Care (EPC) Program, you may be eligible to have your dental care funded under the Medicare Program, so please talk to your Family Doctor about this.  Please note that there are strict criterias and your Doctor will be able to help you in assessing your eligibility.

Medical Observer Aug2011

Dr Vin Tran

Ms UDinh Pharmacist
B.Pharm Qld