Friday, July 22, 2011

Depression and Anxiety in High Profile People

I have been following Dr Deb's Blog and commented on her most recent blog on high profile people with mental illness including depression, anxiety and bipolar to name a few.  Living with Depression is her book and you can have a browse through the pages at

I have include a link here for you on the left just in case you didn't see it.  But feel free to google it elsewhere or go to your nearest bookstore.

I have pointed out that this is not too surprising as we know that people with anxiety can often be perfectionistic, obsessive, compulsive and who likes to do things perfectly and if it is not "perfect" or at least "close to perfect", then they will obsess and obsess over it until they "make it right".  They tends to be "high achievers" but if they are not careful and manage their anxiety properly, then the opposite can occur.

As you can see, it is fine if they have the skills, resources, energy and support on their side, but if they cannot "control it", then that is when they might get caught up in a downward spiral.  In my opinion, anxiety is a double edge sword and in essence, it can be very good but if you are not careful, it can be very very bad.  One of the analogy I use is that if you give a Porsche to a 16year old inexperienced driver, then you might have a problem on your hands.  In my opinion, one of the key things for people with anxiety is to learn the art of "acceptance".

Acceptance is harder that you think as we have not been conditioned to "accept".  We are living in a "fix it" society and hence, acceptance is going against the core fibre of our belief system.  In essence, life is a balance between "fixing" and "accepting".  Just like driving a car, to be in control, you will need to have both the acceleration and the brakes, so in life, you will need to know when to fix (ie moving forward) and when to accept (ie the brakes), particularly in situation which you cannot change.

Being aware that anxiety has its good points too, will help those with anxiety to "embrace it" and then channel it into a life of triumph rather than a life of fear.

Happy reading....

Dr Vin Tran
Family Doctor from Australia

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