Thursday, July 7, 2011

Australia Hosted a Conference on Happiness...guest speaker Dalai Lama

Brisbane City Australia was the recent host for the Conference on Happiness.  The Dali Lama was one of the key note speakers.

So what makes us HAPPY?

Is it money?
Is it more time?
Is it more holidays? or
Is it having the perfect job?
Is it more fame and power?

In short, research suggests that happiness is less related to materialistic things, but it is more to do with connectedness, healthy relationships, a sense of purpose and meaning, a sense of belonging and acts of giving .  In practice, my intepretation of this is that, it is about having good relationships, work that is meaningful, is of service to others, and is congruent with your own core values.

So if you are not happy, ask yourself these question, "Am I happy with my work?" and, "Am I happy with my relationships?".  Knowing what the issues are, will help you to direct your energy on working through some of these issues.

Dr Vin

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