Monday, July 25, 2011

Anxiety and how it can affect your child's education

It is not uncommon for me to have students coming in and present with , "Iam not coping with my first year of College". 

In College, the curriculum is not as structured and close guidance by the lecturer is not as common as it is in Secondary School.  Poor performance can often affect the students' self esteem and then, the trap of the "depression cycle" can set in if the student is "vulnerable" to this.
An anxious and perfectionistic student usually prefer certainty, structure and predictability.  They do not usually cope very well with big changes especially if it is something that they do not have much control over.

In my clinical practice, I usually like to take a very proactive approach and intervene quite early and help the child or adolescent to be "immunized" against the problem highlighted above.  Ideally, before he or she starts University or College, we would have liked to help them understand themselves better, help them to understand their anxiety better ie the good and the bad, help them to be more aware of positive and realistic thinking, and equip them with more CBT and ACT skills. (read up on CBT and ACT in this blog...see labels)

The main advice here is to seek help early and prevention is far better than "cure".

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