Monday, June 13, 2011

What is the Overall Management of Depression and Anxiety

The overall management of depression and anxiety require a bit of insight into the factors that contribute to the person's Anxiety and Depression.

Please refer to the older blogs in May 2011 on the various causes of Depression and Anxiety in detail.  To summarize, the causes are:

1 Genetic factors
2 Personality
3 Environmental Factors
4 Drugs or Alcohol
5 Physical factors eg sleep apnea, chronic pain, diabetes, thyroid diseases etc

The more "genetic" it is, the more likely one needs, medications such as Serotonin based antidepressants.  The stronger the Personality and Environmental Components are, the more Counselling will help. 

Even though Drugs and Alcohol may seem to help with mood in the very short term, it is a short term gain and long term pain scenario as it too, can worsen depression and anxiety.

Physical factors, as mentioned in our previous blog, also needs to be addressed promptly because it can affect your mood significantly.

We will get out inhouse pharmacist to write more about psychotropic medications as well as alternative therapies like St John's Wort in our future blog publications.

Dr Vin
Family Doctor.

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