Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Words of Hope on Anxiety

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Some words of hope on anxiety.

Iam a Family Doctor in Australia with an interest in mental health.  A common question I often ask my patients is that "Is anxiety good or bad?" and invariably, I get "bad" as a response.

The answer is that it is neither good or bad.  Anxiety is like a "tool".  You can use it for good or bad.  Just like fire.  You can use it for good or you can use it to destroy things.  Most high achievers and successful people are often very anxious, obsessive and are often, perfectionist.

Once you have learnt how to "master it", then anxiety or stress can be a very good and useful thing.  However, you do need to manage its weaknesses.

So, rather than thinking that you have got this terrible thing call anxiety, think of it like a gift that you still have not mastered.  Once mastered though, it can help you to achieve great things.

Read up on CBT, mindfulness, and ACT acceptance commitment therapy.

Dr Vin Family Doctor Australia

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