Friday, June 17, 2011

Prepregnancy counselling and Postnatal Depression

If you have a family history of Depression or Anxiety, or has a past history of Depression/Anxiety, and is thinking about having children or is pregnant, then you should consider talking to your Doctor about some pregnancy counselling.  In Australia, there is a program where you can be referred to a  Psychologist under the government subsidy for about 3 visits.

Why is this important?

Prevention and early intervention is the aim here.  After given birth to your child, there will be a lot of changes both physically and mentally.  There will be hormonal changes, you might be a bit anaemic and iron deficient, and sometimes, your thyroid might be "out of wack".  In addition to this, you will probably be sleep deprived, struggling with the new job of parenting, and extra stress on your own relationship with your partner.

Pregnancy and Pregnancy counselling is aiming to prepare you physically and emotionally for this great task.

If you are about to take on a new job, you will almost certainly try to get some training for it.  So why not train yourself well before embarking on the greatest job but also the hardest job of all, parenting.

Hope this will inspire couples to seek help early.

Dr Vin
Family Doctor, Australia


  1. How very important that is. Being a counselor, I also think "pre-parental" counseling can be important to help couples learn to cope with and adapt to the new challenges and responsibilities.

  2. Hi Dr Becker,

    Thank you for your comment. Just a matter of interest, is there a similar program in the states where pregnant women can see a psychologist under a government progam for pregnancy and "pre-parenting" counselling?

    Dr Vin
    Family Doctor@


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