Sunday, June 5, 2011

How We Deal with the Loss of a Loved One...Bereavement

Some people deal with loss very badly.  Some deal with it not so well, but eventually, they will "get there".  On the other extreme, some accept and embrace it relatively well.

So why are we different in the way we deal with loss?

There are many factors but part of the answer lies in our Belief System.

If we believe that when a person dies and move on to some dark and horrible place, then it is understandable for us to feel anxious, depressed, uncertain, and very upset.  One of my patient believed that her father was going to hell because he was not baptised and so, she was understandably very depressed about this.

However, if we believe that they will be going to "heaven" or some "peaceful place", then we would expect ourselves to cope better with the situation.

If we believe that when a person dies and then it is all "over", then we might feel neutral or have a deep sense of loss.

By reflecting on our belief system, it gives us an opportunity to challenge it or accept it better.

Dr Vin
Family Doctor

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