Sunday, June 19, 2011

Helpful Thought for the Day on Personal Growth

Personal Growth is more important than Absolute Achievement.

What do I mean by this?

We are living in such a goal orientated society and thus, have been conditioned to believe that if we do not achieve to a certain standard, then we are "not good enough".  Of course, there is some good in this but as I have mentioned previously, everything has a good and a bad side.

The bad side is that we may set ourselves up for "failure" and then, it may manifest itself as poor self esteem.

A healthier and more helpful way of thinking is to thrive for growth rather than "absolute" achievement.  Think about it in this way.

Imagine that you have 2 children.  One is 90% perfect but think he is better than everyone and not "grow" and learn from his mistakes.  Whereas the other child is 1% perfect, but is willing to learn from his mistakes and grow from it.  Who do you prefer to have?  Who will triumph in the end?

Food for thought.

Dr Vin
Family Doctor MBBS FRACGP Australia

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