Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Asperger's and How it can lead to Depression and Anxiety

Asperger's is a developmental condition whereby a person has a "pervasiveness" or a "detached manner" which can often affect their social life and on how well they can interact with others.  Hence, this can be very stressful for the individual and their family as it can affect relationship, which is so important for our mental well being.

There has been some controversy as to whether this maybe part of a "normal spectrum", and some even suggest that this maybe just an "extreme" male syndrome.

There are some thought that it is related to a "lack of intuition".  That "sensing or gut feeling" ability that most of us have or some may refer to it as the "sixth sense".  However, some recent research suggest that this may not be totally true.  In any case, the cause is still unclear.

Part of managing this problem is to accept it for what it is ie Acceptance Commitment Therapy.  Everything in life has its good and its bad.  A piece of steel is strong and rigid but it is NOT flexible.  Out of everything good, there is something bad and out of something bad, there is something good. This is I guess, the Yin and Yang of Eastern Philosophy.

Being Asperger's or detached emotionally has its benefits too.  For example, you can make a good surgeon as you can detached emotionally from a high risk procedure, which then, can help you to perform better.  It may also help a top Executive to make difficult logical decisions without having to "feel" all the negativity surrounding the execution of that tough decision.

Part of this philosophy is to embrace it and channel it into something useful rather than fighting or fixing it.  Sometimes, you cannot fight force with force.  We have to embrace it, and then channel it into something more helpful.  The essence is, "we nurture the strengths, and manage the weaknesses."

Dr Vin

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