Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Recommendation on Relationships

  • This book describes 5 Love Languages and explains why couples do not often, communicate effectively on how much they care for each other.  Everyone needs to be "loved" and "connected" at some level, and everyone has a different predominant love language.  For one person, it might be the words you say to them that makes them feel "loved", while for others, it might be quality time, a hug or a kiss, or for some, it may be a gift or doing chores around the house.  So, in order to communicate effectively on how much you care for your partner, you have to work out what is their predominant love language and do more of it.  Likewise, if you know what is your's, you can then let you partner know so that they can have a chance to fulfill your needs.
The love languages described in the book are...
1 Words of affirmation
2 Quality time
3 Acts of service
4 Gift giving
5 and Physical Touch

Poor communication and conflict in a relationship is a common trigger for mood disturbances and hence, any way to improve it will help with depression and anxiety.

I highly recommend this book by Dr Gary Chapman

Dr Vin
Family Doctor Australia

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